Using the DEHYDRATOR in - house drying program in conjunction with a standard in - house washing machine, can be the best alternative to expensive cleaning services. Also most importantly, FEMSA recommends that the gear is not dried in a tumble dryer, the excessive temperature and tumbling action can be detrimental to the gear. It can cause excessive shrinkage and premature failure to the protective garments. What's more, FEMSA opposes drying garments in direct sunlight.

The Drying Answer....Switch to the DEHYDRATOR drying system that is designed to accelerate the time required to remove the moisture from various types of "difficult to dry" turnout gear. This is achieved by blowing a flow of warm heated air into the interior of the hanging items. Air drying alone can take at least 24 hours, while humid weather can add to the time and if left hanging long enough, it can lead to mold and fungus contamination.

Heavy Duty Aluminum Accessories availably for the DEHYDRATOR drying system are the Mask Dryer Adapter and the Rescue Suit Dryer Adapter

Rescue Suit Dryer Adapter

Mask Dryer Adapter

Turn out Gear Drying System

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